Sine Macks has been born, I’ve only spent about six hours away from him total. He’s exclusively nursing and a very needy baby, so I make my trips away from him very short. It can take a toll on my mental state when I am constantly surrounded by a baby. I need alone time to recharge and to make myself a better mom. But with three kids, it’s very hard to come by. AdvertisementAlthough I have Macks with me nearly all the time,baby stores online, I do try to carve out some time in my day for me and me only. It’s sometimes difficult to do and doesn’t happen everyday, but when it does, I feel so much better about myself. Here are five ways that I find time for me during the day.1. Make nap time about you. It’s so hard for me to ignore the long running list of “to-do’s” in my head. When Macks and my youngest daughter are napping, I think of it as the opportune time to get things around the house done. But let’s be honest, it’s not fun to work while your little ones are sleeping. During nap time, I schedule one day a week for chores and the rest of the days are spent for me. I’ll read a book, take a nap myself, or just sit in silence. It’s so relaxing and the perfect way to recharge.2. Wake up early or stay up late. This is hard to do with a baby that runs on his own schedule,baby bedding, but now that Macks’ sleep schedule is a little bit more predictable I have been staying up a little bit later just to have some time alone. Last night I sat in my living room in complete silence while I did a little bit of online shopping. It was complete bliss.3. Schedule a day for you once a month. Although it’s only a for a couple hours in between feedings, I schedule one day for me a month while my husband or family watches the kids. Sometimes I’ll go get a manicure or get my hair done, but it’s always about me and me only.4. Take that extra long shower. It’s no day at the spa, but it can be just as relaxing. Most of the time when I take a shower, I do it as quickly as possible because the kids are around and need my attention, but there are some days that I can that extra five minutes in the shower just to clear my head. I focus on the quietness and the calmness for the best relaxation I can get.5. Take advantage of the outside chores. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I realized how blissful going to the grocery store can be. I’ll take one day a  week and leave my husband with the kids and I’ll go run the errands that need to get done. Shopping for groceries has never been more exciting.How do you take time for yourself?Read even more from Lauren at A Mommy in the City and, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.