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Birthdays have always been special as it marks the birth anniversary of a person. It symbolises the milestones achieved in life, which one rejoices with full celebrations. Also, the person feels blessed to have this life. So, this calls for fun and get-together by all loved ones. Cake, decorations, sweets, party, wishes and goodies are all that defines this day. These merriments are incomplete without the gifts and warm wishes of family and friends. Furthermore, every effort is made to make that person feel loved and special. If you are a grown up, you would have definitely received gifts from your friends or relatives or any acquaintances. I’m sure that you would have cherished those gifts equally. So, have you ever thought that why people gift to their dear ones and what makes gifts popular, especially on mother’s day? To realize this, we should understand how the concept of gift has originated. For Amazon sellers looking to take the leap to their own eCommerce store, there isn’t an alternative that can compare to Shopify. Maybe you used a collage maker online for a gift or maybe even for a dream board or vision board for yourself. Comments welcome below. Hope you could tell us it, so we could refund full money to you as soon as possible. As a chocoholic, I have a lot to confess about when it comes to loving the taste of chocolate. Even seeing chocolate designs in gift products will make me smile. Send online gifts for sister from our online gifting store and give your sister a magnificent astonishment. Make this day significant by sending a selective blessing voucher as profit present for Rakhi for your sister. Please remember that we rely on third party courier services to deliver your parcels and, as such, errors may creep in from time to time. On these rare occasions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Care Staff at customercare@ to help you track your parcel. Should any item be damaged upon arrival, we will immediately replace it. This section contains adult-only related gifts. If you are not over 18 or easily offended, please click gifts

According to my point of view, best birthday memories are made with family. Plan a family dinner for your family and invite each and every important member of your family to make this event more memorable and huge. Order his/her favorite meal to make her/him feel special. Family gathering is all about what he or she imagines for their birthday. Phones: Research places that recycle phones for cash. There are a number of them out there. Find the one that works well for you and comes recommended. There is absolutely nothing that teaches a young girl more about life, responsibility, love, independence, and maturity than a horse. We live in the country and the girls involved in the 4H horse group are the most awesome girls in the county. Do it! Most people can’t because it is expensive. But with …

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Top 3 Ecommerce Platforms for Your UK Business

Ecommerce is more profitable if you run your business on the right platform rather than erecting it anywhere. Where you set up your web-based store will influence how much you make. The online market is too large to risk putting up your shop anywhere. You want to ensure you are selling in a market where you can get easy access to your target audience. So, what are the three best online platforms for a UK-based business?


Shopify is so UK’s most popular ecommerce platform so far by search volume. This is partly because it is very easy to set up and modify to suit your needs. The platform also streamlines the process of taking credit card payments. Plus, you can easily start selling on your physical storefront with Shopify POS.

One downside to choosing Shopify is they’ll charge very high rates to host you, but they offer a 14-day free trial to allow you to try the platform before start spending on it.

More features

•    Unlimited product range

•    24/7 support

•    Numerous themes and apps to help create a unique online store without coding knowledge

•    Complete Website and blog with your domain name

•    An Integrated payment solution

•    Free SSL certificate

•    Discount codes

•    Allows you to sell offline through Shopify POS

•    Enables you to open a Facebook store

•    Powers you to sync inventory & orders across major sales channels (e.g. eBay, Amazon, etc.)


EKM, like Shopify, is a purely UK based platform founded back in 2002. It was UK’s first cloud-based eCommerce stage. They provide an all-inclusive online business platform that carries virtually everything you need to trade over the internet. Plus, all their Ecommerce features come set with all plans so you won’t need pay for costly add-on apps.

Offers start from £29.99+VAT/month, there are no contracts, and you have 14 days of free trial.

More Features:

•    3 Month Account Manager to help get set up your shop

•    Over 150 themes

•    Free Domain & SSL

•    Unlimited products

•    Free 033 numbers

•    UK-based Support

•    Payments included

•    No transaction fees

•    You can add your WordPress blog to your site

•    A free live chat feature


BigCommerce will offer you online businesses these three solutions as per their catchphrase “A sophisticated platform for boosting sales, streamlining business and spreading out to new channels.”

Bigger businesses can use their Enterprise solution which provides your “web-based business platform with greater reliability and highly developed tools to run your entire business.”

Lastly, unlike many other platforms, BigCommerce offer unmatched solutions to B2B and wholesale businesses.

The plans differ according to their varying offerings, and you get 30 days of free trial (no credit card needed)

More Features

•    No transaction fees

•    Product ratings and reviews

•    Free Sitewide HTTPs

•    Dedicated SSL

•    Easy set-up (in only nine steps)

•    Unlimited products, bandwidth and file storage

•    Unified channel management: Sell on multiple platforms, i.e., …

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Clothes Designs Of The 1950’s Woman

fashion and styleWith the development of society, people spent more and far more time on their physical look. Spring of 2012 has several style trends to mix and match for workplace and evening. In addition, you can wear wedge sneakers for the times you want to add some additional height to your outfit but do not want to put on regular pumps or high-heeled footwear. In our style sector, we have a multitude of gorgeous African print designs. Uncheck the box labeled Never ever let sites to request your physical location if it is currently checked. The well-known Hollywood costume designer Edith Head primarily based her creations for Grace Kelly in the film Rear Window the new style.

This report suggests promotional pictures featuring the connectivity among the technology of air transport and style after the Second Globe War mark a discrete moment in the representation of ladies in this country as mature and stylishly dressed international travellers, prior to a vigorously emerging youth marketplace by the mid-1960s. Some are galleries of outfit examples and street style photographs, some are about a variety of creative things, some focus on high street garments while other folks focus on higher-end designer goods – there is a massive range of blogs to decide on from, so I hope this list helps you locate your new favourite style inspiration!

Colour palette and style ranged from beautiful pink totes, elegant purple frame bags and the extremely chic mint green clutches. Dolly Varden was a polonaise style named soon after a character in a Charles Dickens novel. I am arranging to open a boutique which sells designer garments as I am busy with style designing at the moment.I will also sell hand bags,footwear, accessories and residence accessories.I am 44yrs old,I like style and dressing up and I feel people my age are not catered for enough hence the concept of style designer so I was thinking of the name YOLO COLLECTIONS,where YOLO stands for you only leave do you guys feel?I Would appreciate your comments.

A lot of fashion critics have judged the Olsen twins, Mary Kate Olsen specially, for riding too close to the fine line among the uber-vogue Boho Chic and the eccentric, characterized by a messy, freshly fucked look and wearing anything and almost everything that strikes her fancy. In 1815, following the wars, waistlines in Britain rose again as the English started to follow French style. I am somewhat conservative and luv the classic types… Sheaths, shirtwaist, slacks & blazers in no way really go out of style… I was always taught not to dress to impress but that it is another way to express your self artistically… Dressing appropriately for the activity or occasion is a plus!

Corsets were an vital in a woman’s wardrobe since the excellent physique shape for the 50’s style was the hour-glass (figure eight) shape. If top quality plays an critical portion of your choice (as it must) be sure and look for brand names, luxury leathers, and …

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Competition Among Online Electronics Shopping Sites

I first saw the ad for Charmed Aroma Candles on Facebook and was instantly intrigued. I love candles, so that was the first attraction. The second being that they included a mystery ring inside each candle—the value fluctuating from $10 to $5000. People window shop forever online, which is the biggest problem with it. The way to make something positive happen is to actually meet people online IN PERSON, where online identities are no longer a mask. People also think that there’s always something better than what they have, something better just around the corner. This is a basic human condition, unfortunately, but it can be worked around. You found the most amazing deal! It comes in the right color, size and perfectly fits all of your needs. Click on purchase now. Don’t purchase- yet. I have read your blogs and you give us a awesome things from your blogs keep it up. It’s okay to choose solid colors and bold styles. Anything works as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. The simple process of sending gifts to friends and family living far away, is something I like about Online shopping. Otherwise even I shop in the traditional way. Thanks for sharing your views! This is my newest blog. It will eventually feature all 65 of these click to donate charities. Thank you in advance for your visit. Brand Name Stores: The major brick and mortar stores have moved toward online shopping. Stores like Kohl’s, Ethan Allen, Crate and Barrel, Rooms to Go, Broyhill and many others have 24/7/365 shopping on the net now. Search for your favorite home décor store and you will probably find it. I meant – sorry for the typo, lol. Great post, I am going to have to read it and bookmark this! DIY is also perfect for adding your own personal ”stamp” to what you wear and it allows your individuality to shine through but don’t worry if you aren’t naturally creative or able to perform your own little DIY projects. There are other options for you such as adding more accessories to your chosen outfit. Large, bold necklaces or chunky spiked belts are an easy way for you to make a lasting impression.

Since I work from home, I do not have as much in closet. I need to look at Chadwicks again, they have great fashions for great prices! Whether we like it or not there are situations and places that require a certain way of dressing. Although this site is directing the issue toward mature women, I often see younger women who dress shabbily, inappropriately, and too provocatively. Some people in the name of freedom of style proclaim that a person should be able to wear whatever they like, wherever they like. But this is not only an irresponsible attitude, but also wishful thinking. Many products can be found for a more affordable price online and having the product delivered to your door can be very convenient for buyers. These …

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How To Shop Deal A Day Sites

How many times have you stared at your wardrobe and thought you have nothing to wear? Well, your problem has a very easy solution. Online shopping at Voonik ! You know what? These products have come a long way. There are literally dozens of manufacturers with operations in China to build and ship very decent RTA cabinets back to the U.S. The quality has improved over the years as well. For those that also like to use coupons on their purchases DollarDig also has a small coupon section although the focus is definitely on the cash back area of the website. If you’re a cash back pro or new to the world of cash back websites DollarDig is a perfect addition to your shopping habits to keep more dollars in your own pocket. Unless you live in the New York City metropolitan area, you’ve probably never heard of Century 21 , but if you ever have a chance to visit one of their 10 locations, you should. Vijay Tex, in NSC Bose Road, has a good collection of items. Other shops, you can choose by window shopping. A rare treat! An informative lens, loaded with valuable suggestions, and not a ‘buy my info’ link in the bunch! Very refreshing!! And good suggestions, all! AMERICAN APPAREL – This online store is for your typical American girl and guy that likes the simple things in life with a little flare. They sell for men and women, clothing, shoes and accessories. Moms can have house parties where they swap or trade gently worn designer children’s clothing. Most of the time, the two-piece outfits have been washed in Ivory Snow or Dreft which keeps the colors bright and the fabric soft without fading. Sign up for reward programs. I’m not taking about the in-store credit card programs that Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret are always trying to get you to sign up for. I’m talking about the programs that are FREE to join (aren’t credit cards) and give you points for your purchases (usually a point for every dollar spent or something similar). Some reward programs that I use the most are Sephora’s Beauty Insider program, Starbucks’ Star Rewards, Ulta’s Ultamate Rewards, Overstock My Club Rewards, and PacSun’s myGSMO Rewards. These points can then be redeemed for products or give you money off a future purchase.

UPDATE: As of 12/11/2016 they no longer have a link for specialty kits but they do now offer regular promotions and have added a promotions link to their menu. Get bored with these and relist them for more credits…are you starting to see how much money you can save here? All you pay to receive a DVD is media mail postage in one direction. That’s around $2 at current rates. An online retailer does not provide adequate information about privacy, terms and conditions of use, dispute resolution or contact details. The seller may be based overseas, or the seller does not allow payment through a secure payment service such …

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Buy Gold And Diamond Jewellery With Latest Designs 2017

Since the day of their establishment, the company has been leading their niche, the buyers of wholesale diamond jewelry, thanks to their unbeatable prices, excellent customer service, and unparalleled craftsmanship of skillful diamond professionals. Hi suzzycue – Not sure how long they last, but they are sealed and painted so I imagine a long time. The key is to make sure the potatoes are fully dried out before they are painted and sealed. Thanks for the visit. Thanks Deb! I order from Art Beads and Fire Mountain Gems more than any other sites, but it’s worth having some other resources on hand in case you can’t find what you’re looking for in either of those places. That’s awesome, agapsikap! I’m so glad to hear it. It makes my day when I’m able to inspire other crafters. Good ideas and I agree with you. I like doing traditional, realistic paintings. However, when I was an art stufent, the instructors pushed heavily for the modern, less realistic, often expressionistic art that I find dark and harsh. You got penalized for doing anything realistic. Pay attention! Once you buy an item, it is difficult to bargain for your money back. In thinking about presentation, also use your presentation to target your market. e.g. presenting your jewelry in white boxes as ideal gifts for brides. Look at how the color of the box, or tissue, or the organza bag color, makes each item look better/worse, more expensive or cheap. Once you start being picky about the colours and presentation you’ll use, you’ll start to see increases in sales – and profits. Light balance/exposure: You may need to adjust the light balance/exposure depending on the color and/or texture of your background. I shoot most of my jewelry on light gray, sheet music, or white backgrounds. I adjust slightly below 0 for light gray, on or right above 0 for sheet music, and almost to +1 for white. I’ll discuss backgrounds a little more later in this jewelry

Overall Tophatter offers millions of products, great buyer protection, and plenty of opportunities for free shipping, making it a strong option for online shopping. Blue Nile is one of the few famous jewelers that did not begin its reign as a premium jewelry brick-and-mortar store. It’s one of the biggest online retailers and is known for its design-your-own-engagement-ring feature. First, you choose your diamond based on cut, clarity, color and carat. You can see the price next to the stone, which makes it easy to shop based on price too. After that, you choose a setting based on design and then your metal preference afterward. Start the next Amazon or simply move away from selling on Amazon with 3DCart. Alternatively 3DCart allows you to combine your brick and mortar presence with the online thanks to their point of sale systems. I said 2/hours day if not paid, otherwise pay my time. He didn’t like those terms, nor did he come forth with money for, take me shopping, or …

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Of course, a jewelry business owner needs to attract clients online and what better way to do that than to show pictures. Actual items are hard to sell if one has no physical store. But one can sell by bringing a salesman’s case which can be a little tricky. This is usually for buyers who set up meetings to see the items physically. Thanks so much, Suzie! I go through periods where I make tons of jewelry and then I don’t so much for a while, but it’s been a passion of mine for a long time. I’m glad that you found so many ideas here that you like. I hope that you get a chance to try a few of them at some point. Very informational lens, thanks for taking your time to give us this information. Keep up with the good work. Have paper towels, old t-shirts, or clean rags ready in case of spills, and to dry off your pieces after you rinse off the chemical you are using. Also as for coustermer service I have delt with them fur to an issue and they sent me a new candle. Another time I didn’t get the free promo necklace so they sent it separately. So no issues with them at all. I say try it and if you have issues try being civil with them and you will be treated as a valued customer. I am so proud of Michelle and what she has accomplished. Have to admit, I personally own ten, yes I said 10, pendants from her creations. Some are beautiful sea glass that I personally found and asked her to create a wire setting to hold them and others are clay pieces that mimic nature to a tee. Her work is breathtaking and in my opinion, truly under-priced! This site is only the tip of the iceberg that she’s released into a magnificent ocean. Most teenage girls love experimenting with lotions, lip glosses, lipsticks, eye shadow, nail polishes, and powders. Don’t forget about perfumes and scented lotions! Just a week ago, my husband came up with the perfect name for my business without even thinking about it.

Whether you’re a professional jewelry designer, an avid beader or an enthusiastic bead collector, it doesn’t take long for your collection of beads to grow so large and eclectic that it takes over your beading space or jewelry making studio—and, in many cases, your whole house! Here are some good places to find metal clay classes near you, from beginner workshops to certification class schedules, from both US certifying organizations to the MCSJ Diploma courses. I bought these pretty little yellow jade beads from a seller on eBay and I paid $1.31 for them with free shipping. There were 60 of them in all. So I divided $1.31 by 60 and got $0.02183333333. So, in my opinion, each one of these pretty little 6mm beads is worth $0.02. I took a scrap of paper and I wrote …

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Zorannah’s Style Corner

fashion and styleVintage apparel of the 1950s was the formal tailored silhouette appear and females constantly looked so refined and stylish, dressed not only in her full-skirted dress, or pencil skirt and blouse, but completed her look with her extended coat, hand gloves, a hat, and a string of pearls. I would put on it with a cool jacket, pair of sandals and a wide brim hat as a casual day dress and then dress it up to take it out in the evening with a soft cardigan style kimono and a pair of boots. I’ve attempted on numerous pairs of jeans in my lifetime and I can inform you that I regularly get the slimmer, more streamlined appear with a boot reduce, low rider style. Styles of clothes and style accessories turn into considerably much more comfy, relaxed, and wearable. I fell in adore with 1920s style after viewing the BBC series The Residence of Elliot.

This is Scott Schuman, the photographer behind the well-known style site, The Sartorialist. Appealing lady wearing blow out Afro with Indian necklace and shorts stilettos street style displaying her smooth legs. In the classical European humanistic tradition, style was constantly thought to be anti-thetical to very good taste. If you are not so confident how you can combine your outfits and accessories, get oneself some fashion magazines and see how models accessorise their style apparels, and how they look.

He has also hosted Style Rocks the Red Carpet for New York Fashion Week been co-host Fashion Police and was Host and Executive Producer of Canada’s Subsequent Prime Model. The one issue about denim is you can style it up or down- a fairly chiffon blouse or a faded band tee function so nicely with a denim skirt or shorts and paired with bejewelled or metallic sandals will take you into a casual stylish evening appear as well! Fashion designers in Nigeria, as effectively as main companies of fabrics and ready-created garments, constantly draw inspiration from classic designs of clothes, generating new collections of attires and fabrics.

The half moon or crescent shaped style was a glorified head-band with a veil attached at the rear. By employing this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. I could want to go all guns blazing with my accessories one particular day (read Annie Leibovitz’s legendary Dior shoot for Vogue) or I may want to stick to my minimal yet emphatic roots the other (read the wave of fashion Seinfeld ushered in). The organization, Genuine Paris Patterns offered these attractive fashion designs for dresses created with chiffon.

Above: Women’s robe de style dress by Lanvin, c1924, satin ball gown by Jacques Fath, c1948 and tartan women’s jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier, 2004-05. Some actually fantastic internet sites to shop for those pin-up wardrobe staples are , and One more web site you will not want to pass more than is All of these retro-trendy web …

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My Sister’s Beautiful and Mesmerizing Wedding Memories

Sisters’ weddings are always fun. My sister wedding was too. Her wedding was four months back and one of the best events of my life that I cannot forget. I always slide back and forward in my mobile watching her wedding snaps. Great wedding memories these are that never would be coming back. Life is- I don’t know, sometimes seems amazing and sometimes dull, sometimes full of excitement and sometimes it seems death is a good friend! Yeah, life is like this.

I am studying animation and visual art in New York University. Four months back when I came to my sister’s wedding I didn’t imagine that the time would pass so quickly. It felt sometimes that her wedding was yesterday event. When I reached to my home, preparations were going on. Everything was ready, only a few vendors to be booked, which I did. On the day of my arrival, Sangeet and Mehndi ceremonies were.

Food was being cooked in our house space. We are joint families of four brothers living together. The wedding venue was near our house, only 10 steps away. So it was no difficulty in anything. The decorators were decorating the venue. Lightings were being done including flower décor too. Red roses and yellow orangish flowers they used because of easy availability of them. All the preparations were being done by vendors so we family didn’t have any headache of going here and there.  We were just sitting under the Sun and bantering with relatives, friends, and guests. Some guests arrived early who were from out of the city. The wedding was in Jaipur. My sister name is Nidhi and her going-to-be husband’s name is Rajat.

My sister was being painted with beautiful mehndi designs, on hands and feet. So chic those designs were, might be a mix of Arabic and Indian mehndi designs. I also drew some circles creating my designs. It is considered auspicious during weddings for brides to get their hands painted with mehndi. And in India, it has been for eons of time. Four and five mehndi designers we hired because all families’ women were getting their hands painted with mehndi.

Even our family kids were demanding for mehndi. They also wanted it on their hands and feet. You know kids how they are. We said to a mehndi designer for using simple mehndi designs for kids provided quickly they dry and not paint their dresses with mehndi accidentally. After some minutes they went away playing here and there in the wedding venue.

Drinking was also there and the party got arranged in a nearby banquet. Only its hall space was taken on one day rent.  I was selecting songs for the Sangeet ceremony. You think it is easy, while it is one of the hardest going through a collection of endless songs.  When evening approached, we started the sangeet ceremony on loud DJ.

First, my grandparents danced to an old Bollywood song initiating the ceremony. Then we came on …

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Online Shopping Vs Conventional Shopping

HomeShop18 is the pioneer in TV shopping in India as it changed the way India shop by launching the first 24 hour Home Shopping TV channel. Today, the company brings the perfect balance between TV shopping and digital cum online shopping with India’s best online selling site, and HomeShop18 Mobile App. Everbuying is a popular store focusing on a huge range of electronics. The website covers items such as cell phones, tablets, computers, car electronics, computer accessories and other technology orientated items. Everbuying also features clothing, toys, homewares, beauty and outdoor equipment. The sundresses are my favorite. They look great. I think staying feminine is important. As a word of caution, one must be on the lookout for scammers (either buyers or sellers) who are out fishing for hapless victims. Although the site has instituted some safeguards against unscrupulous sellers, there will always be risks. Exercise common sense as a buyer or a seller. The online shop has a secure online system (featuring SafePay) to facilitate for a safer use of credit cards and other sensitive payment methods. Overall Tophatter offers millions of products, great buyer protection, and plenty of opportunities for free shipping, making it a strong option for online shopping. I wanted to share my experiences with you so that if you ever consider joining one of these groups to sell items, you will know what to expect and how to get the best response from potential buyers. This is a neat program. You answer simple questions with one word answers. For every answer that you get right, will donate 10 grams of rice to the World Food Program. There is no limit to the amount of rice they will donate in one day. is a Chinese shop specializing in women’s fashion with wholesale prices. Although specializing in clothing, Rotita also sells shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, underwear, children’s clothing and even costumes and cosplay costumes. For many years in the market, has a respectable number of fans around the world and stands out among the other Chinese sites mainly sell exclusive models inspired clothes famous women like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

Shop in the world. NIKE, Inc. fosters a culture of invention. They create products, services and experiences for today’s athlete while solving problems for the next generation. Sustainable innovation is a catalyst for revolutionizing the way we do business and an opportunity that’s been integrated across our business in policies, processes and products. They are innovating solutions that benefit athletes, the company and the world. Shop for men’s shoes, clothing and gear. Shop for women’s shoes, clothing and gear. Find retro Jordan shoes, clothing and gear at Shop for men’s basketball shoes & sneakers at Shop for men’s shoes, sneakers and cleats. Sadly, Google Play doesn’t have as many device options as Amazon or iTunes – if you’re intending on playing your videos primarily on your computer, Google Play is a good bet. Otherwise, you might want to opt for one of the other two providers mentioned. …

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