This year’s Miss Vietnam Jewelry Queen, receives applications as early as April. The aimed of this contest is to extol Vietnamese beauties as well as jewelry artisans, and will start nationwide this October. Market to distinct customer segments using Customer Groups, which allow you to separate retail and wholesale shoppers. hi ladies need a name for ladies clothing boutique…somehow i like the name Ugly Betty!Helllpp!! pls. When you knows what you will be doing, you have to let people know what service or good you are offering! This is called promotion. From telling people (either in person or through email or social media) to posting signs, get the word out that you are the person to go to for what you are selling. This will begin to pull in customers. Get to know our world-class staff and see why we’re one of the top arts universities in the country. I do custom work creating rosaries, bracelets etc. i have some cost in wire spacers and finishings, but I make the beads from a clay that is made using the flowers from the arrangements of wedding/funeral/special occasions for the memory of the event or memorial to a loved one. PinkEPromise is a unique site in that a portion of every sale made is donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. The site offers flash deals on hand-crafted and boutique items. The main items are jewelry, accessories, home décor, electronics, and kids clothing and accessories. The site usually has between 30-50 deals going at any one time. The deals are not quite as good as some of the other sites, however, sometimes you can find coupon codes and the added benefit of the donation of the Breast Cancer Foundation can make the purchase worth it. Wonderful Randomcreative ; love this one and have to save it into my favorites. You have the gift of making me feel that we are actually talking to each other and that is a gift you have been given and not something that can ever be learned from jewelry

This piece pairs perfectly with my antique wedding ring. Adorned with clear crystal pave, the simple square on a 16 inch chain with a 2 inch extender is just what I’m looking for in an everyday necklace. You can dress up a tee or wear it with a henley neckline for a bit of glam sparkle. The precious metal clay object is allowed to air dry naturally or is dried with a dehydrator or applied heat, such as a cup warmer, to allow the water to evaporate. Once dried, the metal clay jewelry or other decorative or functional object is fired at a high temperature with a torch or in a kiln, during which time any remaining traces of water evaporate and the binder combusts and burns off. What is left is just the precious metal, either fine silver (.999 silver, which is 99.9% silver), sterling silver (which is 92.5% silver) or 22K gold. PMC Pro, which is 90% silver and 10% copper (.900 silver), is considered coin silver and is not strictly a precious metal, although it is branded by Mistubishi as PMC (Precious Metal Clay). Both PMC Pro and sterling silver clay need to be fired in activated carbon to prevent oxidation from forming during the firing process that would prevent sintering or fusing of the metal particles. You can also mix equal parts of fine silver and sterling silver clay to get enriched sterling clay, AKA 960 sterling (which is960 silver). Capitals: You can use whatever combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. You can use this to your advantage to distinguish words by capitalizing only the first letter of each word.

Awesome hub especially as halloween is just around the corner. You have a great collection and ideas for a gypsy costume. I love the photo of you all dress up and looking very happy with that smile on your face. Those are the pictures that warm the heart and make me smile. Thanks. Information – Any information about jewelry, diamonds and precious stones is widely available on the net and you don’t need particular computer skills or a lot of time to obtain it. Armed with knowledge and ability to compare value for money at the click of the mouse the online customer is not to be taken for granted. Today’s jewelers , whether they like it or not, will face educated customers, longing for the best value for their hard earned cash. You may have seen one at Goodwill or your local neighborhood yard sale…but if you’ve been suckered into buying an old typewriter and have tried to remove the keys for jewelry making, I bet you would happily fork over the fifty or sixty bucks on Ebay for a complete set of flat back keys. An artist friend of mine, pottery genius Becky Terry and yard sale queen, sold me a vintage black Royal typewriter for $20. I was thrilled, sure I had gotten a great deal. I couldn’t wait to pop those keys off and resell them online. I ordered a special tool that looked like a wire whisk that was supposed to be for removing typewriter keys. That little made in China tool was no match for the vintage typewriter. Those keys did not budge. I convinced my dad to remove them with his snips and to flatten the backs with his grinder. Heat from the grinder discolored the face of a few keys…from a yellow background to a blackened mess due to the intense heat. Plus we were only able to get one key out of four flattened enough to use in one of my jewelry designs.

It is very tempting to want to sell your jewelry if someone offers you cash for it, but make sure you know what you have and what you want to do with it before doing so. Fast forward to 2012, I began to learn everything I could about crochet, macramé, knotting and thread. I was hooked! No pun intended! I absolutely fell in love with the quiet, methodical rhythm of knotting! Since then I’ve developed my own style and was recently published in the 2016 Fall Issue of Jewelry Affair for my technique. I started incorporating hand stamped sentiments in my work to give them more meaning and to share what was speaking to me as I made them. It started with my ornaments, but quickly evolved into my jewelry. Thanks so much for putting this list together! I’ve always wondered about the other MLM and direct sales companies out there and how they compare in start up costs, comp plans, etc. I love that I don’t have to carry inventory or meet a monthly sales quota in order to pursue financial freedom. The idea of residual income intrigues me. I have really enjoyed networking in my previous jobs and am loving to continue to network as a stay at home mom who is teaching people about a chemical free, toxin free lifestyle using essential oils! I did research the essential oils companies before I ordered a starter kit and I use and love Young Living Essential Oils! Did you ever do any more research about Young Living? I’d be happy to answer any more questions for you! I proposed with a moissanite engagement ring… mostly because my fiancée wanted a colorless stone and because I have serious reservations about the diamond industry. The great thing is that the purchase was less than I originally budgeted; so I was able to donate the remainder of my budget in her name to her favorite charities (UNICEF and a local animal shelter). She loves the ring! It sparkles, is colorless and is really arresting… plus, she loves the fact that most of our budget went to worthy organizations.

Congratulations on your Purple Star! Your jewelry designs are quite fashionable and elegantly designed. Best Wishes with your designs! Blessed! Shop at now for more options. At Lazada, we offer exclusive prizes and further reduction according to your budget needs. We provide effortless shopping experience to our customer, all you need to do is choose the desired product and we will do the rest for you! Hi there, I open a boutique in South Africa with Danish fashion. The name will be Mi-Chan, (naming after my 3 grandchildren, Méaní, Heinrich and Dané) The clothes are from the best in Danish fashion and I want to choose a name who compliment the fashion. Please help me with choosing the best name. Thank you. So please get registered, get your supplies, and lets make some beautiful music together!! I’ve just released the updated edition of my first book, The Well-Fed Writer (originally an award-winning Book-of-the-Month club selection) – a heavily updated combination of that first book and its 2004 companion, TWFW: Back For Seconds. This is definitely some beautiful jewelry. i voted that I hadn’t ever heard of them till now: but the vote came back that I buy them all the time…don’t know why. Great lens on Christmas jewelry. Design a logo. If you are a visual type, try coming up with logos to go with each name you like and see if that helps you to make a decision! You can even learn jewellery designing online these days, in fact it can be a great way to learn because it’s at your own pace and you’ve plenty of opportunity to get your questions answered fully. Often, a classroom environment has too much going on and there’s not the time to explore ideas or ask questions beyond the immediate basics.