List of Starman characters

List of Starman characters

Starman was a comic book published by DC Comics between 1994 and 2001. It was created by James Robinson and Tony Harris, starring their creation of Jack Knight, son of the Golden Age Starman. The comic featured cameos from several established DC characters, such as Batman and Superman, but also had a large ensemble cast made up of established characters and new creations.


1 The Knights
2 The Mists
3 The O’Dares
4 Supporting heroes
5 Notable Opal City residents
6 Opposing villains

The Knights[edit]

First appearance (in comics)
First appearance (in Starman)

Jack Knight
Zero Hour #1
Starman vol. 2, #0
Starman for the majority of the series. Now retired. Son of Ted Knight and brother of David. Father of Kyle Theo Knight.

Theodore “Ted” Knight
Adventure Comics #61
The original Starman, father of Jack and David, and grandfather of Kyle Theo Knight. Retired as of start of series.

David Knight
Starman #26
Son of Ted Knight, brother of Jack Knight, and uncle to Kyle Theo Knight. Is shot and killed in the opening issue of volume 2, but reappears throughout the series as a ghost.

Kyle Theo Knight
Created for the series.
Starman vol. 2, #38 (mentioned only)
Son of Jack Knight and Nash, nephew of David Knight, and grandson of Ted Knight. Is conceived when Jack is unconscious and prisoner of Nash, and is born away from Opal City. At the close of the series, Kyle Knight is in the care of his father, who retires from superheroing to raise him and his daughter in San Francisco.

Sandra Knight
Police Comics #1 (Quality Comics)
Justice League of America #107 (DC Comics)
Starman Secret Files #1, Starman vol. 2, #44
Ted Knight’s cousin, Sandra Knight is notable as an early superheroine, the Golden Age adventurer called Phantom Lady. On one particular excursion to Opal City, Sandra is instrumental in helping Ted defeat the Prairie Witch. In her old age (as of series start), she is long since retired and acts as mentor to other female spies, most notably Dee Tyler.

The Mists[edit]

First appearance (in comics)
First appearance (in Starman)

The Mist
Adventure Comics #67
Starman vol. 2, #0
Father of Nash and Kyle, and grandfather of Kyle Theo Knight. The original Starman’s archenemy. Spent most of the series suffering from Alzheimer’s disease aggravated by the death of his son.

Created for the series.
Daughter of the Mist, sister of Kyle, and mother of Kyle Theo Knight. Spurred on by the death of her brother a