Renshaw (surname)

Renshaw (surname)


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Renshae, Ravenshaw, Rainshaw

Renshaw is an Olde English locational surname for a village in the area of Prestbury, Cheshire that disappeared before the 17th Century. The suffix -shaw means “wood”. The earliest variant spelling Renshae is dated 1561. Other variants include Ravenshaw and Rainshaw. Renshaw is uncommon as a given name.[1]
Notable persons with that surname include:

Deborah Renshaw (born 1975), American racing driver
Ernest Renshaw (1861–1899), English tennis player
Jack Renshaw (1909–1987), Australian politician
Mark Renshaw (born 1982), Australian cyclist
Matthew Renshaw (born 1996), Australian cricketer
Richard T. Renshaw (1822–1879), American naval officer
Samuel Renshaw (1892–1981), American psychologist
William Renshaw (disambiguation), several people

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