Why Must Daylight Saving Come to an End

What could be the reason why the so-called daylight saving time exists and why until now it is still existent? When you take some time to ask the people that you get to pass by regarding the matter, what their answers will be range between blaming it on World War II or I or even telling you that it is because of the farmers. Truth be told, you need to know that farmers are not great fans of daylight saving time. There are certain states where some part of their place does not observe DST and some do not that is why farmers just do not become big fans of them. You see, inconvenience is what a lot of farmers will tell you when they are forced to just wake up when the sun goes up even if their clock does not say so just so they will be able to put to market the crops that they are selling to people who are ensuring to follow daylight saving time.

Indeed, daylight saving time dates back during the first World War in the US in order for the use of artificial lighting to be reduced and having the ability to save fuel. When World War I came to an end, some communities and states also did not practice anymore daylight saving time; however, when World War II came, the entire country then made use yet again of daylight saving time.

But then, World War II is no longer existing? Why is it that there are still a lot of states and places that apply daylight saving time?

In the United States, the Uniform Time Act of 1966 is the reason why the practice of using standard time and daylight saving time is being alternated. Yet until now, you will be able to observe that the Congress is still looking for ways to be changing it time and time again. For example, rather than just having to use daylight saving time during the summer and spring seasons, in 1973, the Congress decided to use it all throughout the year. The practice of starting DST at 2 in the morning of the first Sunday of April and ending DST at 3 in the morning of the last Sunday of October only became a standard in the year 1986. During 2007, the Congress changed the standard yet again. Now the DST will be started and ended at the second and first Sunday of March and November, respectively.

Today, the Congress again changed their 2007 DST law and had it 3 weeks earlier and then a week later. This move has only led to have countless automated gadgets be reset and have the time not synced with Africa and Asia without even having some proof that it can save some energy. You see, unless some proof comes out that DST can save some energy, it better be no longer a practice for good.

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