Out of the more than 2,000 pieces that Christie’s will sell, 950 pieces will be offered online in the categories of fine and costume jewelry, designer fashion and accessories, and decorative arts and objects online. The online sale will be held December 3 – 17. While Christie’s has offered real-time bidding online since 2006, this is the first time the auction house will host an exclusive online addition to a private collection sale. My mother in law gave me a small silver bowl to find information on and I wasn’t doing to well until I came across this site. can you please help me? It is 4 inches across and 3 1/2 inches tall with scrolling design around it. on the bottom it has the lion walking to the left looking at me, a crown and then an upper case B. it also has the numbers 2722 and I think it says KUNG’s and then there is a E.P.C under that. You may decide to sell an antique or collectible on EBay. If so, first you must establish yourself as a reliable dealer on that popular site so that people have confidence in the items you have for sale as well as confidence in your shipping practices. Don’t forget that on EBay, there is a huge group of available buyers, but there may be stiff competition too. Thank you for this informative article-I’m already having fun visiting the sites you have listed. Jewelex is all you say it is, but they are extremely slow. The last time I ordered online it took 10 weeks to get here and I had to prod them. The contact info they post often leads to dead ends. But I do love their product once I get it out of them. Never Never buy a diamond in a setting. Before I educated myself on diamonds, my husband bought a diamond that had a chip in it, and it was covered under the prong. The dishonest jeweler said it was a minor inclusion. Another jeweler said one hit, and the diamond would of shattered to pieced. Also a lot of jewelers put their inferior diamonds already set up front for you to take the hit. Ask to see what’s in their vault. That is where the good stuff is kept.

I personally think Pinterest might be the best choice for you, because of all the social media sites, it’s the one most compatible with online shopping, and it’s all based on visuals. There are 11 ways to get paid on all natural, vegetarian, gluten free health and wellness products that have been clinically tested and work! Plexus products work to put your body back in balance, the signature product was developed by an endocrinologist to help diabetics balance their sugars, lipids and cholesterol levels, but found weight loss to be a side effect for most. At the lowest level, Ambassadors average $400 or more per month income by directing customers to order through your website. If ever you feel like exchanging your old BlueStone Jewellery for newer designs, we are game! Exchange the product for its current value or get Cash with just minor deductions. GF: Gold Filled. This is similar to gold plate, but the gold is heat and pressure bonded to the base metal. It must have a minimum purity of 10K gold and the gold content must be at least 1/20th of the weight of the metal piece. I’m someone who appreciates little things in life. I am passionate about art, photography, cosmetics, cooking and living a healthy life style.I’m a nature lover in every way. I’ve created this blog to share my latest findings with all of you! If you search for this term on eBay or in Google, you’re sure to see what other artist/sellers have created. They sell all year long. Some artist’s make crosses, butterflies, and hearts, but all with the same concept of costume jewelry creating the image.

I’m well past 50 and it feels great. But it isn’t easy finding the best fit and quality at a reasonable price. Great tips here. Thanks for your interesting lens and thoughts on art, and sharing some of your work. I am pleased to see LS Lowry is top of the best sellers list. I have always been fascinated by his work, especially his industrial landscapes and matchstick people. I find the IKEA Trofast units to be great for organizing my large bead collection. The bins are deep enough without being too deep to see everything in them and can easily be divided. They also have lids so when I need to take a tray on the road everything stays in the bin and they can stack. Unlike in the two previous years, in this year’s contest, only one jury will judge both jewelry and beauties. According to the organisation committee, the final night will also see performances by well-known singers such as My Tam, Dan Truong and Dam Vinh Hung, and especially, the presence of Miss Vietnam Global 2007 Ngo Phuong Lan. Cut: Moissanite would not be as beautiful if it were cut to the same proportions as diamond due to differing optical properties. For a mom with small kids and not a ton of spare time this is a company that appears to fit the bill. Thanks Sharkye. You could definitely do holiday colors. Anything for that matter. Thanks for commenting. Hi Au fait – I think it would a great thing for kids to give as gifts. Everyone loves homemade things. Thanks for visiting! Create a buzz for the antique that you wish to sell by hawking on other sites including social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Draw interest in your product by advertising, or writing articles about antiques, featuring the types of antiques or collectibles that you wish to sell.

I enjoyed the information and jewelry in the video. I have had an ongoing fascination with rhinestones since I was a child. Thank you for your well done and inspirational lens, I’ll return for more education. And joy, joy Raid the garage! That is a veritable treasure trove of found items (everyday items you can incorporate into your polymer clay jewelry). Things like washers, lug nuts, extra little drills bits and drivers (did you know that the end of a Phillips screwdriver makes the perfect imprint mimicking the top of a blueberry?) and so many other items. Don’t forget that this may be the first place you go looking for a hammer and a small block of steel (to use as an anvil if you want to work harden your wire work), pliers, clamps, and the list goes on and on. Lower Karats are not very tarnish-resistant, but higher Karats are much more resistant to tarnishing. Fishing tackle boxes have lots of compartments and many beaded jewelry makers use them for storing and organizing beads and findings. Plano is one of the best-known tackle box manufacturers and their products usually are sturdy and well made. I have several very old Plano double-sided tackle boxes I inherited from my mother, who used to use them to organize some of her embroidery floss and supplies. The photos below show both sides of my largest Plano two-sided tackle box, which I use for storing findings for hair accessories and large vintage findings (mostly clip earrings with attached filigree that use for cagework beadery, and one of the individual utility boxes that I also use for findings.online jewelry

Especially if you are on a cruise, and someone tries to sell you tanzanite, telling you that because there is only one mine, it’s rare. Yep, there’s only a single deposit, but it’s huge, and we are not running out anytime soon. On eBay on November 2, 2012, there were over 60,000 tanzanites listed. Eighth Generation – Owned by Northwest Coast-based artist Louie Gong, this site features fun fashion, decor and streetwear at great price points. Lots of good ideas here. I have an article which shows you how you can store necklaces while traveling without getting them tangled. You can see it here. I started hand wiring artisan ceramic beads into ornaments in 2012 and then jewelry in 2013, but it took until 2015 to open my Etsy shop. Although it may not be obvious, herringbone wire weave works best with beads that are round in the center. They don’t have to be perfectly round beads, but oval, rondelle, drops, anything that is rounded will work best because the bead can turn in the herringbone frame and it will still look fine. For more than a century, Swarovski crystals have set new standards in contemporary design. In each new collection, Swarovski crystal jewelry reaches new heights of inspiration and individuality. The unique jewelry creations are enhanced each season with a range of radiant colors, materials, and patented techniques that the brand has developed to consistently expand and transcend its established quality and distinctiveness. Here’s the really great thing about Stella and Dot though. From what I’ve found, at this time, it doesn’t seem like they require a sales quota or selling schedule, so your income from this business really would be equal to the time and energy you can put into it each month.