Five centuries ago, India was under the rule and influence of the Mughal dynasty. The Mughal royalty were connoisseurs of architecture, arts, food, clothing and of course, jewelry. During the Mughal rule, jewelry-making was given utmost importance. This art gave birth to unique jewelry pieces studded with chunky gemstones and enamelled with motif designs. Royal family members and people of high rank proudly displayed such jewelry all over their bodies, from jeweled turbans and head-jewelry to thick-set toe rings. Because jewelers tend to own specific color gems for a long time without selling them, it’s not unusual to see a 500% markup on small color gems. To illustrate my point about not being put off by the prices on the label, I noticed Roger had actually produced a label for my ring, presumably to put it in their stock if I didn’t like it. The price is in local currency but literally seems to be a number pulled out of the air. I have never understood why they do that here in Dubai. Aim roughly to pay a quarter of the price on the label but always ask the salesman what the price is-it definitely will not be what’s on the label! There are so many types of jewelry I love to make! I’m constantly pushing myself to learn new techniques and am always in the middle of an online class! I tend to gravitate toward softer colors, somewhat dainty designs and I try to always incorporate an unexpected, unique quality. I love to make hand knotted pieces and hand stamped charms and focal pieces. Gemstones are my weakness! I add them everywhere, giving each piece a one of a kind element. I’m drawn to mixing metals, particularly 14k gold fill and sterling. Soldering offers so many options for this idea. I also love to play around with patina. Oxidized and aged makes for stunning pieces! Silver jewelry is one of the most versatile among many jewelries today. It has almost outweighed gold’s popularity and have the same quality as well. You can find pieces of silver earring that suit the boardroom and the evening party. Silver is chosen by many for their earrings not just for it’s looks and affordability but because of its quality that less likely to cause allergy. In ancient times people believed that there are some silver jewelry that causes healing power, especially silver earrings and silver rings. This silver jewelry is not intended to replace the medical advice of medical practitioner but it is just an option.

Thank you, Fay @favored! I’m not very organized in general, but if I didn’t have a good organization system in place for all my beads and jewelry supplies I’d never be able to find anything! I find that organizing my beads by color family makes designing jewelry so much easier, too. Many thanks for your visit and your kind words! Zales gives you 60 days to return a piece that doesn’t fit your finger, wrist or taste. The only exception to this rule is if there is any damage to the jewelry, or if the piece has been altered in any way, which includes engraved items and special orders. Also, your package is protected if the jewelry you’ve purchased is worth $100 or more – a signature is required to receive it. An online sale is the best as it is the easiest way to sell diamonds and the fastest way to earn money. The buyers provide world class services and the selling model is easy. You could also experiment with chocolate, if she loves baking. You can include some ready-made bake mixes or all the ingredients for one great cake and the special recipe for it too. Throw in a customized apron that flaunts her name or favorite quote, a pair of gloves and a chef’s headgear and you have a great gift, one that she will love! In case you identify a craze for perfumes, then do not go in for any one deodorant or perfume only. Now, there are a number of outlets that offer some great discounts on an assorted range of perfumes, deodorants and essence oils. You can indulge in some comparison shopping and surprise her with the sheer choice she would now have to indulge in.

Hello I am opening an online boutique in few days and need a cute name , I will be selling handmade crafts I would love to use my name Nici ( pronounced Nikki) , I am also a Nana and would love to incorporate that into name also I would love to bra your ideas !!! Beautiful work! I love your idea’s, so very unique. This hub has so much information and laid out perfectly. Awesome job! Like every MMO trading between servers or even on the same server can be profitable, this however requires you to have a good grasp on local prices which can change swiftly. Also having one of the larger ships is a must. As such trading is best done when you have played the game for some time, built up some contacts and got yourself some silver and a decent ship. Amazing! I learn something new everyday, I had no idea you could do something like this with potatoes! So, there you have it – the best tips when buying silver and gold on E-bay. Empower yourself with these guidelines and you won’t go far wrong. Just remember it is a world where the buyer must be aware when it comes to scamming people with counterfeit goods. Jewelry is no exception and is the product of serious organised crime. Don’t get ripped off on ebay or any other online or ‘over the counter’ jewellers. One thing is for sure, counterfeiting precious metals is only going to get worse as the demand for gold and silver increases. This article will illustrate how Costco prices these special sale items and how you can take advantage of the bargains once you understand their jewelry

I have a few pieces of vintage sterling; my stepdaughter is a metalsmith and works with new Sterling for many of her one-of-a-kind pieces that feature semi-precious stones. I have an old coffee server and my mother-in-law’s flatware set. Love it all! So whatever your budget, you can find your perfect piece of Ancient Egyptian jewelry in a jewellers or online. Personalised cartouche pendants, Egyptian scarab beetle charms and Eye of Horus amulets all make wonderful and unusual gifts that will eternally delight your family and friends. Fair trade jewelry. As I mentioned, buyers love this stuff, and you’ll love the feeling you get by making money through selling ethical products. I called my mom to ask her about the costume. She thinks I was probably four years old. She says she can remember dressing me up this way, but she doesn’t remember many of the details. In the ’50s, women wore scarves more than they do today, and obviously we used a few to create my Boho look. My mom didn’t wear big, dangly earrings, so I have to think that perhaps she borrowed at least the earrings and possibly some of the other jewelry from a friend or maybe one of my doting aunts. I wish we still had some of those fancy pieces! Oh, this is very important information with so many people getting facial piercings now. Thanks for sharing! Make sure your customers know whether the product listing is for just a necklace (and the other pieces are listed separately), or if it includes the entire necklace-earrings-bracelet set.

The earrings resemble a cup which has been turned upside down. Dimithi earrings have miniature pearls suspending down from it. I’ve never tried PMC. But it was very interesting visiting the PMC artists’ websites you link to, seeing their work and yours. You’ve created a great resource. Instead of using Alexa, rather when measuring forum success look at length of time since inception, number of posts, average posts per day, hour, minute, number of registered users, how many users online at once, most users ever online, and generally the quality of the posts. The resources included quite a few I wasn’t aware of and which seemed useful. Your thorough research can save many of us hours of time in a job search. I have purchased in store and online. Especially at the beginning, I loved to go into a craft store and see the products and feel and see the beads I would purchase. Retail buying of jewelry supplies is a much more expensive prospect and I only use it now if I am running low of a component for a current project. Otherwise, I buy online. If you type ‘jewelry making supplies’ or ‘beading supplies’ into a search engine, local online vendors for your jewelry making needs will appear. Be sure to check their shipping and handling fees and custom fees if ordering out of country. Many of the online companies I have checked into have a flat-rate shipping fee which is very helpful for large orders. Akshaya Tritiya festival is around the corner..Grab amazing Akshaya Tritiya jewellery offers here!! Rhonda, you will have a blast creating your own jewelry. Once you get started you will find your way! Good luck.