Traditional wedding customs are an important part of weddings around the globe. Each culture has their own unique customs which make weddings meaningful and enjoyable. German weddings are rich with numerous customs which would make a wonderful addition to the wedding of any bride or groom with German heritage. This is a look at many of the traditional German wedding customs. What a lovely lens! Congrats on LOTD! Love Coles Phillips art and these 1920’s Ladies Fashions are just gorgeous. Blessed by a Squid Angel today. Sometimes the perfect hair accessories is nothing more than a simple, elegant pin. Go to the wedding chicks site for the instructions to make this hair pin. If this is not something you imagined for your wedding day and would prefer to provide cocktails, finger foods, or even just a dessert bar, that’s perfectly fine. However, it’s appropriate and respectful to your guests, especially those with children, to outline that on your invitation. Dessert reception to follow” or cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres to follow” is perfect. This way guests will know what to expect ahead of time and can stop by and grab something to eat before your wedding. For these occasions, consider scheduling your event between meals, like 9am to 11am, 1pm to 4pm, or even 7pm and later. Originally Scarlett ‘Hara, played by Vivien Leigh, wore a different dress for the opening scenes of Gone with the Wind (she wore the green spring dress she wears later). But Producer David Selznick wanted to put Scarlett is something virginal and thus the white prayer dress was design. The dress it also referred to as the white Ruffle dress. Finding the perfect retreat to host a real wedding hoe down, is something to consider also. There are different stages she coordinates. Each stage might involve collecting cash which the Alaga keeps. The groom and his friends are formally introduced to the bride’s family. This involves bowing to the family and formally requesting their daughters hand in marriage.

If you are interested in creating beaded items, there is a bead book on that explains how to create genuine 1920’s beaded handbags like the beautiful handbag pictured, plus a variety of other unique beaded fashion accessories for women and girls. Princess Anne has never sought publicity, and is not regarded as a fashion icon, yet on her Royal Wedding day she was transformed into a most beautiful bride. Princess Anne’s Royal Wedding dress was a Tudor Style, with high neck and long sleeves, suitable for a winter wedding. Looks like she is going out on her own, This is what i found posted on May 30,2012. However, just like there are 500 kinds of butts, there are 500 kinds of chairs, and 500 kinds of chair covers. Do not book chair covers sight-unseen-you need to make sure they will fit the ugly chair in question, or else you will end up further uglifying the chair with an ill-fitting, wrinkled chair cover (or worse, the chair cover won’t even fit over the chair!) Your banquet hall may have chair covers available for an extra fee, or may have an existing relationship with a rental company that can provide chair covers that will fit their awful chairs. But if that’s no go, borrow an ugly chair for the day and find a party rental store with covers that fit. If they won’t let you do that, you need to take exact measurements of the chair in question and try to find a place in town that has covers to fit. Preparation: (Clam sauce) Heat the oil in a pan and gently fry the chopped onion and parsley. When the onion is beginning to turn brown, add the flour and stir without letting it darken. Remove from the heat, add the sweet paprika and bay leaf. Sprinkle with the wine and water, season and cook for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Another great way to do this is by utilizing the use of a belt. Define your waistline. With a mermaid, a trumpet, or even an A-line silhouette, cinch it in at the waist to create some curves right through your middle. Draw attention upwards and downwards. Choose a neckline that will draw eyes upwards and use a lot of texture and design. With a different top than bottom, you’ll bring eyes upwards and once again create the illusion of curviness. Natural padded chairs. The white and the natural are the most popular and available options, but I’ve seen black, mahogany, slate…as well as custom color pads. My daughter is going to be getting married soon, and I’m going to buy her the wedding dress she’ll be wearing. I’ll make sure that she chooses a dress that she knows she’ll love wearing down the aisle. I’ll also let her know that she needs to keep an open mind when trying them on. That way she can be sure she’s getting a dress that she loves, and will love being in for the rest of her night. If you were to unpack a wedding gown stored in such a manner today, you would find that the areas which were in contact with the special” blue tissue are now the most discolored and damaged. Women were given strict instructions to never break the seal on the box, or risk voiding their warranty (which is laughable, because how can you tell if the gown is in good condition without seeing it?). Add to that the clear plastic window on the top of the so-called deluxe storage boxes, which was the perfect way to promote the collection of condensation which can cause mold and mildew, and it is a wonder that any of our mothers’ wedding gowns have survived the ages. Why do I mention all this? Because, unbelievably, there are still dry cleaners in this country who promote this outdated and discredited storage method as the best way to preserve a wedding gown!wedding dresses

Wow, great lens. I have to admit that I’m glad the fashions have changed, especially the women’s swimwear Please check out my lens on Squidoo. This whole thing makes me cringe. Wear what you want! Your old enough to know what You like. So what if I have crapey skin. It shows I’ve lived. I’m not going to cover up my age because it makes the young people uncomfortable. It’s where we are all headed. Might as well get comfortable with it. Maybe we should learn to focus on the things that matter, like how we treat each other and stop shaming people about their appearance. If you feel that the standard brands are too expensive for you, purchase toilet rice flour. It comes in packages, the same as powder, and is usually unscented, but it gives a fresh, clean appearing surface and is not injurious. It costs very little more than the cheap powders. Corn starch is very inexpensive and is clean, harmless, and delightfully refreshing. Stop it….this is about clothing!!!! Not a bash session for a body type. We are all made different. I am a very attractive woman on the plus size, I am 5ft and I wear classic beautiful clothes which bring in compliments all the time. Choose colors that compliment you, loose tailoring, and classy lines, THERE YOU GO! Add an accessory, scarf chain, pin…lip closs and VOILA. You nasty people out there who choose to be afraid of curves…..Some of you, no matter what you wear…thre CLASS IS MISSING. Katie decides that she wants to go out for dinner tonight. She has a choice of places to go. She can go to a local restaurant and select what she wants from a menu. The chef has prepared most of the dishes in advance, and he simply needs to heat it up, add the finishing touches and out it goes.

Fabulous lens! Great info and fun to learn about the 1920’s styles! I love the list of necessities for the Stay at Home Woman. 5 Stars! Interesting. As a guest one doesn’t see too much activity from the mother of the groom and I was lucky and have a great mother in law. Thanks for the comment! The predominance of white as a fashionable color through the turn of the century also implies that it very well may have been acceptable for guests to appear in white at that time, but as with grooms, there’s much less description of the clothing of wedding guests. If a train is to be worn, as stated above, chapel length would be more appropriate for beach weddings Not to mention, I’ve seen brides with the Cathedral train have such difficulties walking on the sand while carrying theor train in their hand. Imagine walking on the sand in swimwear, its still hard to do because its sand. Now add about 1.5-4 extra pounds of clothing including shoes. The bride would be exhulsted before even reaching the altar. In order to know all of this, of course we’ve all been to weddings that had some unfortunate flaws or mishaps… Oops! Having every last moment from start to finish go like a fine-tuned Stradyvari just won’t happen. The venue could be an event center, a large hall, an open canopy, or an open field. The decoration is contracted to an events planner, whose job is to interpret the colors chosen by using decorations to complement the joyful union. The guest list could number over 250 guests, so proper consideration of seating arrangements, cutlery, and decorations is of great importance.