Sisters’ weddings are always fun. My sister wedding was too. Her wedding was four months back and one of the best events of my life that I cannot forget. I always slide back and forward in my mobile watching her wedding snaps. Great wedding memories these are that never would be coming back. Life is- I don’t know, sometimes seems amazing and sometimes dull, sometimes full of excitement and sometimes it seems death is a good friend! Yeah, life is like this.

I am studying animation and visual art in New York University. Four months back when I came to my sister’s wedding I didn’t imagine that the time would pass so quickly. It felt sometimes that her wedding was yesterday event. When I reached to my home, preparations were going on. Everything was ready, only a few vendors to be booked, which I did. On the day of my arrival, Sangeet and Mehndi ceremonies were.

Food was being cooked in our house space. We are joint families of four brothers living together. The wedding venue was near our house, only 10 steps away. So it was no difficulty in anything. The decorators were decorating the venue. Lightings were being done including flower décor too. Red roses and yellow orangish flowers they used because of easy availability of them. All the preparations were being done by vendors so we family didn’t have any headache of going here and there.  We were just sitting under the Sun and bantering with relatives, friends, and guests. Some guests arrived early who were from out of the city. The wedding was in Jaipur. My sister name is Nidhi and her going-to-be husband’s name is Rajat.

My sister was being painted with beautiful mehndi designs, on hands and feet. So chic those designs were, might be a mix of Arabic and Indian mehndi designs. I also drew some circles creating my designs. It is considered auspicious during weddings for brides to get their hands painted with mehndi. And in India, it has been for eons of time. Four and five mehndi designers we hired because all families’ women were getting their hands painted with mehndi.

Even our family kids were demanding for mehndi. They also wanted it on their hands and feet. You know kids how they are. We said to a mehndi designer for using simple mehndi designs for kids provided quickly they dry and not paint their dresses with mehndi accidentally. After some minutes they went away playing here and there in the wedding venue.

Drinking was also there and the party got arranged in a nearby banquet. Only its hall space was taken on one day rent.  I was selecting songs for the Sangeet ceremony. You think it is easy, while it is one of the hardest going through a collection of endless songs.  When evening approached, we started the sangeet ceremony on loud DJ.

First, my grandparents danced to an old Bollywood song initiating the ceremony. Then we came on the stage and bombard it! Next day was my sister final wedding day on which she got married and went with her husband to Mumbai. Teary eyes we all were.